Pressed Apple Juice

We offer 100% NFC apple juice.

NFC Apple Juice Poland

Pressed Apple Juice

The natural apple juice is obtained from healthy and good quality apples, which are cold pressed. After that the juice is slightly pasteurized at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsus , allowing it to maintain all its nutritional qualities.
The juice is 100% natural with no added water or sugar or any other additive.
The shelf life of the juice is 4 months when it is stored in a cool place at temperatures ranging from 2 to 8 degrees and two months if stored at a temperature up to 20 degrees (eg in grocery stores).
3L, 5L pressed apple juice from poland

Apple Juice Box

1 Glass Bottle 0.3 L and 0.7 L
2 Family Pack (Plastic bag with tap “sealed”, packed in a carton) 3 L and 5 L (Good for families or hotels).
Export Apple Juice Poland

Pressed Apple Juice Pallet